Anisa – Au Pair en Grèce

Tell me more about you 

My name is Anisa and I am 27 years old. I am from Albania. I lived in Albania until the age of eight then moved to Greece.

How did you find your family ? Can you describe your family ?

I found my family through a lady whose children I babysat for a few days accompanying then on the summer vacation. 

My family was from Greece. They had three children. When I started working, Alex,the youngest was five months old, Nichola was four and Roxanne was eight. The family also had three dogs! They were all so friendly and welcoming. They always made me feel at home.

What was the big difference between au pair during summer and au pair during school time ?

Working as an aupair during the summer was a full time job and very dedicating. The reason I say that is because looking after the kids during summer required me  to be very careful while the children swam in the swimming pool or at the beach, and since they were three children I had to keep them always in my sight! A typical day for us would be to go to the beach around ten to eleven and be back by 1. The beach was a two minute walk from the house. Then we would take quick showers and have lunch. Afer lunch we had rest hours and around five thirty we would either swim in the swimming pool or play in the yard or go to the beach again. By eight o’clock we would gather for dinner and then depending on the day the children would watch a movie or read their books before going to bed.

Monastiraki – Athènes

Working as an aupair during school was less hours. My responsibility was to take the little one to the playground for about one and half an hour to two hours, and then follow the routine of eating and then taking him to bed for a noon nap.  Around four o’clock the two older siblings would come from school. The afternoons during winter were mostly spent in the house due to raing and cold temperatures. We would play in the playroom while the two older siblings would do their homework. Around 8 they would eat for dinner I would shower them and take them to bed. The little one would go earlier to bed since   the other two kids had homework or private lessons to attend and would come home late on certain days.

How long did you worked for this family ? Did you keep in touch with the family ?

I worked six years. Yes I still go to see  them as often as I can !

Can you tell more about the city where you were ?

I worked in the city of Athens. A busy city but very pretty at the same time. The family was  fortunate to live close to the national garden in Sintagma Square so the the little one and I would visit it on a daily basis since it had playgrounds and a few animals.

Did you live with the family ?

I lived with the family for about two years but when the youngest one went to kindergarten I worked only during the afernoons.

31EACF60-CB87-4E21-B1A8-EF867095EAB8 (2)
Temple de Poséidon – Sounion

Do you have some funny stories to tell ?

A funny moment was when I told the youngest one to mind the wind because it might blow his long curly locks away  and he was terrified so he walked all the way from the house to the playgroung holding his hair with his hands!  He was too little to understand my joke!!!

What advice could you give for the future au pairs ?

The only advice I would give the future au pairs is to enjoy what they do and be patient because children are so much fun but at the same time they want us to understand them.  They have a world of their own.

J’ai été au pair dans la même famille pendant deux étés ce qui m’a permis de visiter la Grèce. Je vous en parle dans cet article



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